I’ve been thinking about long blonde hair


I’ve been thinking about how much I miss my Baby Dolly Surprise doll with the ever-changing hair length. Raise her arm to see her hair magically grow; and wind her arm up to make it shrink again. My doll had crimped blonde hair and for quite some time I drew myself with long blonde hair.

I wanted my hair to be crimped, blonde, and as long as “from my house to the school gates and back again.” I prayed earnestly for God to give me hair like my doll and would spend hours in front of my mirror winding up my arm as I convinced myself it was working. The dream never quite faded and several years later my mother treated me to a perm. Few people can pull off a perm, and they are especially unsightly on an eleven year old, but in the brief moments between washing and drying I enjoyed the curls. A little later I experimented again; blonde is perhaps too drastic for someone of half-Asian complexion so I opted for a sophisticated red. Unfortunately it came out orange.

These days I like my hair exactly as it is. I am really glad God did not answer my prayer for crimped blonde hair as long as from my house to the school gates and back again. It is a manageable length, a nice colour, and my husband does a good job at cutting my fringe.


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