I’ve been learning about Love


There are things in this world that make me afraid. There are things about others that make me angry. There are things within myself that make me ashamed. And I have spent a lot of time trying to change those things. But I’ve been learning that it all boils down to love.

‘Jesus loves you’ is a cliché because far too many people are more familiar with the idea of God’s ‘judgement’ than His love. Often, when the topic turns to God, it’s not disbelief I see in people’s eyes; it’s disappointment. Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you, He rises to show you compassion[1]. He is not looking for a fight.


I could complicate things by making this blog entry at least a hundred times as long, but really it’s quite simple. Love God and let Him change you. Love others and let God change them.

Text from 1 John 4, made with wordle.net

[1] Isaiah 30


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