I’ve been thinking about toast sandwiches


Priced at 7.5p a portion, the ‘Toast Sandwich’ has been hailed the cheapest nutritional lunchtime meal. Simply toast a slice of bread and whack it between two slices of bread and add salt and pepper to taste. Some butter is optional (don’t spoil yourself).

The meal harks back to Victorian cookery writer Isabella Beeton who also suggested ‘Toast and Water’ as a refreshing drink; namely toast soaked in boiling water. You must, however, allow the concoction to grow cold before you drink it because should excitement get the better of you and you drink the treat before it has fully cooled down, Mrs Beeton warns very seriously, “If drunk in a tepid or lukewarm state, it is an exceedingly disagreeable beverage.”

In a grand unveiling of the ‘Toast Sandwich’ last week, the RSC (that’s the Royal Society of Chemistry, not the Royal Shakespeare Company) offered £200 to anyone who could come up with a cheaper meal.

I’m not sure if it’s the cheapest thing since sliced bread, but it’s certainly one of the dumbest.


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