I’ve been thinking about peculiar search terms


More than 3,000 people have stumbled upon my blog whilst in search of better things. Of those, a significant number (I can’t do maths but let’s say at least 70%) of searchers were looking for pictures of people GURNING of all things! Search terms have included ‘gurning’, ‘gurning faces’, ‘gurning world championships’, ‘gurning smile’,  and, ‘old man gurning’. So being, I suppose, an expert on the matter, here are a few special gurns:

However, it’s not all about the gurning. Other searches have included ‘horse yawning through window at surprised boy’, ‘crowds of people cleaning the world’, ‘alien we come in peace hand outstretched’, ‘man being hit with a spoon’, ‘half human half rat baby’, and, ‘he quickly put the tin of soup into his pocket and moved towards the checkout’.

Three whole people found my blog by searching for ‘the plainest face in the world’, three more wanted ‘a reindeer wearing trainers’, and to my surprise, a total of four people arrived after searching for ‘a horse doing a poo.’ I’ll have you know there are NO horses doing poos on my blog. Well, except for this one:


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