I’ve been thinking about fancy packed lunches


As a housewife with a fairly small house (and a sort-of writer but that’s another story), activities such as making my husband’s packed lunch rank rather high on my short to-do list.

In thinking about the art of a good packed lunch, I have found some inspiration from Japan where it is not just the taste or healthiness of a meal that counts, but also how it looks. Devoted parents are said to spend several hours a day on their astonishing creations which range from cartoon characters to wildlife scenes to portraits to… well, household items such as bleach.

As it happens, I have a few hours spare and consider myself moderately artistic. I think it would enhance my role as a housewife (and no doubt make John the envy of his corporate workmates) to create one of my own. So, here it is:


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  1. I hope you carry on with bentos, they can be so fun and rewarding ^__^.
    I’ve even made my blog dedicated to them, come on over if you need any inspiration 🙂

    Good luck!


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