I write about girls who don’t quite fit in; the ones who live for love and long to fly; the ones who never truly grow up; the ones who believe in secret worlds enough to find them. Of Isabel, one reader remarked: ‘…she reminds me of Madeline, Alice, a whole host of strong heroines, girls that throw down their books, and do not listen to the Scholars and Scientists, girls that follow their hearts..’

I believe that what is unseen is more real than what is seen, and my writing always seeks after God’s eternal beauty. I also get a lot of inspiration from funny or interesting things that happen in my own life, and research for my stories consists mainly of googling images of obscure things like ‘pompous scholar’ ‘unicorn’ ‘paper rocket’ and ‘monkey that looks like a man’.

Before I learnt how to read, I would trace around the words in library books, make clumsy copies of the illustrations, and call myself a writer. (Often I would substitute the name of the main character for KAREN and to this day I think most of my main characters are really just me in disguise).

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