Featuring an unlikely hero, a talking armadillo bag and the brain of a famous scientist, Gregory Bedcarrots and the Ingenious Series of Events was written in collaboration with online readers who voted at the end of each chapter for what should happen next!


…All his life, Gregory had suffered for the mistake of his ancestors. If only he was Gregory Johnson he would have had a normal life. He would have been average at maths, and normally proportioned, and good at sports, and reasonably well adjusted socially. But a boy named Gregory Bedcarrots can never be expected to amount to much. Gregory was simple, ugly, and rotten to the core. On this particular day he had broken a plate and told three large lies before breakfast. This tree was his hiding place; the place he stored his grubby homework, his sacred packed lunches, and his heart wrenching secrets. He came here most days and contemplated his pitiful existence. Sometimes Gregory wished that he was a tree. He wished this because he was under the sorry delusion that trees are content. But this is a lie; trees, on the whole, are neither content nor discontent. They are like cars; they might look happy but they are not. They were just made that way.

So when poor Gregory said to the apple tree, “Thank you for looking after me,” he was very much speaking in vain. The apple tree could not hear him. It is not that kind of story. Poor Gregory was very much alone. However, he wasn’t going to stay alone for very much longer for somebody was following him.

 Who or what is following Gregory?
…a Bear
…a Baby
…a Bag lady
…his Badminton coach

The whole story can be read on this site under the category of Story Soup 1. If you want to read it in order, however, you can also download it for FREE!


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