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I’ve been learning about Hope


Have you ever wondered why the day commemorating Jesus’ crucifixion is known as Good Friday? Good Friday? God incarnate being nailed to a cross amid the chants of a jeering crowd… Good? I don’t think any of the disciples would have rejoiced or called that day “Good.” And yet, because of what happened three days later, it was.

I think most people are over-preached and under-loved, so I’ll try to keep this brief.

Jesus died for our sins and three days later he rose again, making that dark Friday very Good indeed. I don’t need divine insight to state that most people in this world live in doubt over God’s goodness. Lack of faith is rarely about disbelief and all too often about disappointment.

“I could never believe in a God who…

…didn’t intervene when that happened.”

…allowed me to get sick.”

…let this person die.”

So God is dismissed, diminished and denied. But what if we don’t have the whole picture? What if God is good? What if we’re living in the confusion of Good Friday and the glorious resurrection and restoration is yet to come? Do we dare trust a God whose plan for mankind’s redemption was to come down and die? It’s not exactly how I would have dealt with the sin problem… but then, I’m not God.

All I know is that the cross forever answers the question of whether God cares. It is only with an eternal perspective that we can look at the darkest of days and call it good; and although we will never know God’s mind, the passion of Christ on the cross reveals a glimpse of his heart.

“…he will swallow up death forever.
The Sovereign LORD will wipe away the tears from all faces;
he will remove the disgrace of his people from all the earth.
The LORD has spoken.”

— Isaiah 25:8