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I’ve been thinking about children’s party games


I’ve been thinking that children’s party games are not all they are cracked up to be. They mainly consist of bad music and a lot of hard work for very little return; never have I danced so painfully as when trying to remain afloat in Musical Bumps (there was also one particularly humiliating occasion when I accidentally sat down instead of freezing during a game of Musical Statues). And don’t even get me started on Pass the Parcel, which has to be one of the most laborious ways to try and win a lollypop.

Aged about seven and feeling that Pass the Parcel was missing a certain creative spark; I promptly wrapped up several layers of paper for my teacher’s birthday. The slight difference, however, was that none of the layers contained anything. I thought it would make her smile and give her something to pass the time while we all got on with our work but my prank backfired slightly when she got the whole class to gather round and watch her open it. It took a good ten minutes, with the original parcel being the size of a pillow.

My bright idea no longer seemed so funny without the music and sweets and as I sheepishly watched the layers come off, each one met with my teacher joyfully exclaiming, “Ooh! Another layer!” I began to feel incredibly guilty, and frantically rehearsed my apology (“That was just a practise, I’ll bring your real present tomorrow”). Somewhere between remorse and confession, however, the final empty layer was unwrapped and my teacher looked at me in confusion to which I very loudly exclaimed, “TRICKED YOU! HAAAA!”

Fortunately for me, there wasn’t much a teacher could do in the way of punishing a child for a non-existent present, especially since I was the only one to remember her birthday in the first place.