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Story Soup 1.0


Cooks Wanted — no experience necessary!

It has been said countless times that too many cooks spoil the broth. This is generally taken to mean that if too many people try to do something then they will make a mess of it.

I can think of times when many cooks would actually be an advantage. For example if you were a postman at Christmas, a team of policemen facing angry animal rights protesters, or a thrill seeker attempting to break the world record for highest number of people in a mini.

But what about many people coming together to cook up a story?

Would the end result be a stylish piece of literary genius appealing to all tastes and senses? Or would it be more like a bowl of mud which makes you gag to look at it?

To answer this question, I come before you tentatively holding out an empty bowl which I wish to fill with a soup. A Story Soup, to be precise. And I need cooks, lots of them. So bring your dry wit, your bitter irony, your pickled wonder, your full-bodied cheese, just a little bit of thyme and your own fat spoon.

I will endeavour to add a piece of the as-yet UNKNOWN story in bite-sized chunks like this post every few days. You can make story choices by participating in the daily poll (as demonstrated below). You can even suggest more sophisticated plot twists, character notes and other ideas by leaving a comment. The first person to comment on this post can name the main character.

Let’s go!